Observation Cube 37 Senior Manager’s Log

3.45 Subject is asleep.

4.78 Subject is dreaming about her teeth falling out. She’s on a bus, and her grandmother is sitting a few seats behind her, shaking her head in a negative manner. Teeth keep spilling out of her mouth into her bowl-hands, and out of her bowl-hands, onto the bus floor. *In Da Club* by renowned Earth artist 50 cent blasts out of the bus speakers. The bus driver starts screaming, “I *told* you those snacks were forbidden! You shall reap my wrath!” The bus driver appears to be an anthropomorphized soap pod, which humans use on earth to cleanse their clothes in metal machines. “Forbidden!” The soap pod’s scream echoes into the abyss of dreamland.

5.01 I have awoken the subject. She is unsure of her surroundings. She is looking around the observation cube carefully, probably looking for a door or a way out.

5.04 I begin The Inquiry.

Inquisitor: Hello.
Subject: Uh, hi. Who’s there?
Inquisitor: How about you introduce yourself first?

The subject looks to the side, even though the entire observation cube is white and blank, with no variation. She appears to be thinking. After what feels like forever, but is only a moment in human, she responds:

S: Well … it appears I have been kidnapped, and this room is very … clean, so … I wanna say .. you probably know who I am. Who are you?

I: What did you dream about?

S: What? Oh … there was a bus … it was weird. Will you let me go?

I: Thank you for your answers.

5.06 I end The Inquiry.

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